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Rocktober, Baby!

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Its October already! huhu... as i am an avid mag reader, I always go to the bookstore at this time of the month, for my daily doses of Pengantin, Eh! and Female *banyak, I know :p*

but just now, the new edition of Pengantin doesn't tempt me at all :). instead, i opted for Rapi, Cosmo and Intrend (can't find any Eh! around in this lousy place, huhu).

I guess i just don't wanna think about the details anymore.. so i am channeling this whole month for beautifying and last minute weight loss regime? well not really weight loss.. its more to toning up the bod! huhu


texted mom today, regarding my cards. she's gonna do them for me :) so yay! don't have to pecah kepala think about them! hehe thanks mom!

hmm.. sekian laporan saya kali ini. saya princess.dhani melaporkan dari bilik berita untuk A Princess Diaries :P

♥ ♥ ♥