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since its gonna be a month or so till the day, i am SO FREAKING OUT coz my card has no batang hidung YET!


so i texted mom yesterday to asked about its progress or something like that.. and guess what? she was on her way to KL to book it! THANKS SO MUCH MOM! lov you always!...

she told me that i cost around RM1.00 a pop and will probably be done by the  20th! hehe.. that would make it ngam2 a month to the day! yay!.. hehe the samples will be ready this Wednesday and when its done, she's gonna send me some for my colleague here! hehe

i forgot to ask her how much she ordered though.. but i guess its gonna be around 2 - 300 la.. so i think i am gonna print a few extra more informal cards to be distributed to my friends here.. so i hope you guys will wait for it, kay? :)

that made me so relieved! atleast one down.. but a few hundreds more to go.. hehe

oh, and my borangs is settled too.. well kinda.. having a cousin working at JAIS really helped.. hehe.. he's gonna settle my borang and booked the Juru nikah semua.. TQ TQ...

i am so happy! syukur syukur :)

♥ ♥ ♥