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Of him, home and surprises

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i dunno what happen to my blog! suddenly the last post lost its comments link! huhu.. i hope i can figure it out later...

its the weekends again! yay! am so looking forward for the next coz i am planning to go home! :) i hope HM is gonna approve my leave! hehe... i've been so stressed out with work and boredom all month, i really need a break!

been missing him terribly too :( its been almost a month since i've seen him huhu.. i know, i am a big crybaby.. other's had it worst.. huhu..

anyway, he surprised me with an MMS of a small black paper bag with Lazo Diamonds written on it! hehe.. i wonder what's in it?! hehe.. Thanks so much sayang! Lov you! mwah!

Can't wait to be home! Kita g tengok Popadom sayang ah.. hehe.. shopping furniture juak ah.. hehe

♥ ♥ ♥