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i have dun have anything to blog about actually :(.. i just felt like venting.. huhu..

its gonna be about a months or so to my akad.. and i still don't feel like blabbing the date out. i guess maybe because i haven't seen and get my cards yet. hmm.. i know some of my friends is kinda annoyed coz i haven't said anything or invited them yet, but i wanted to get the invitations in my hands before i can properly invite them! Friend X even told me that Friend Y threatened that she wont be attending my majlis if i ever forget to invite her.. Urgghh.. very mature, huh...

i still dunno who's gonna do my Baju Kurung and Beh's Baju Melayu later.. Sometimes I feel like buying one so I dun have to think about it anymore! But then, sayang ngan the satin and Lace that Mom bought for us.. I lov it so much.. so, maybe I'll just head over to Hopoh on Saturday and find which one of them that will take the kain :(

Speaking of, just found out that I won't be seeing dad this weekend.. He's off to Lawas for work. So I will only be seeing him in November nanti, which is around a week before the majlis.. Hmm.. NVM, we'll be living there after the majlis, so no sweat lah.. hehe

Mom is also coming home the same day as I will be later, which is Nov22, which mean we will only start on the Room within that week.. hmm.. Harap2 sempat laa...

I sill need to lose more weight! But I am too lazy to move my BUtt off! argh! Pemalas ah! :( Sorry for the rants, dear Royale Readers... I thinks my hormones is making me feel a bit down today :(

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