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malas.. hmm

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owh! i have been guilty of neglecting my weight loss challenge update! hehe.. ok, the truth was, i went home for the holidays weighing 46kgs.. 4 days of berbuka @ home, it went up to 48kgs! but thank fully, a week later a.k.a today, i am back to 47kgs.. hehe Yay!..

my sis complained that i might be looking bony or aneroxic if i ever wanted to be 42kgs.. hehe.. i DON'T wanna be skeletal on my wedding day! or worst, MALNOURISHED! *think skeletal with a large pot belly! eugh..*

but, i am hoping that i will atleast be at 45kgs on that day... i want my white Kurung Moden to fit me perfectly with him supersmart in his Baju melayu :)

speaking of which, I HAVEN'T send them over to the tailor's YET! hahaha! ngeri ah.. hehe.. October, cepat la datang.. hehe

remember my last post bout my open house tragedy? hmm.. apparently, i officially am losing a band size in the chest area :(  i am now a 70?.. hehe, takpayah la bagi cup kan? buat malu je.. hehe.. patut la longgar semacam jak sekarang.. sadly, none can be said bout my bum.. although my waist is @ 26inch now, i still have to buy 27inch pants.. kaki besau gedabak ah!

only a couple more months to go! chaiyok chaiyok to self! hehehe

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