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Eid 09 *part uno*

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EId Mubarrak everyone! 
hope you guys are enjoying your Eid as much as I do! :) I've been away from Kampung and just got  back today! :)

these are the back dated entries of the raya.. the 1st that i am showing my Fab Fam! hehehe

first things first...

our little feast.. actually, there were more, but all got snapped up after our vigorous PhotoSessions! hehe

next is of course family photo!

only half of dad's siblings is here. the other half is scattered all around WM.. hehe

our pix with my only unmarried UNCLE! hahaha.. 
everyone bugged him with "When-are-you-getting-married-" q everytime they see him! hahaha

 senang je nak distract budak2 skarang.. hmm..

sisters! :) we all looked different! i know!

yes.. its blue for the family this year.. can use during my wedding terus nanti! hahaha

lastly, the bags yang mahu enterframe jugak! hehe

Nothing much happened on my 2nd day of Eid.. We were otw home to Mom's kampung! hehehe

♥ ♥ ♥