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Baju Raya shopping!

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turned my Raya leave application today.. Lulus la... amin~~ speaking of, i need to find a decent pair of Jeans! my Astrid is getting bigger and bigger that I am inching another hole in my belt! huhu

not that i dun lov it anymore.. i wish i can get them altered! i love that thing to Bits! its my 1st Levis and best of all, it was a gift from Beh :) got them for achieving last year's goal which is being 48kg :)

this year, i am usually 47 - 48kgs so i wanna buy another pair of jeans lah! for raya juak bah.. huhuhu..

Saw a few nice ones in Lee last time, dunno if they're still gonna be there next week.. huhu.. Levi's is kinda off limit right now.. Sekda bonus koh! huhuhu....

Other things to buy
  • top
  • clutch
  • raya cum wedding shoes *saya memang kedekut.. hehehe*
  • baju melayu for beh
  • my baju raya *sedondon gitu~*
  • kueh raya
  • ang pow envelope.. huhuhu
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