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EFF This! EFF That!

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just came back from qp polyclinic :( yes, you read it right.. CAME BACK FROM THE EFF CLINIC AROUND 7PM!

Bella has been having this weird fever where her body is only burning at night time..

after suffering from two nights of fever, i decided to bring her to the ER today, as she still couldn't wake up for school.

so right after school *without taking my lunch that is!* we rushed to the ER only to be rejected and referred to polyclinic!


what kind of hospital rejected a patient?! Does she have to be DYING to be taken seriously?


i wasn't in the mood to argue with the EFFing attendant there, so i brought her to the polyclinic which is on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TOWN!


arriving there, registered and waited for our turn to meet the MA. without even touching her, the EFFing MA simply said 'nothing but a couple of antibiotics will do'


YOU DIDN"T EVEN TAKE HER TEMP FGS! when i insisted that more test to be made, he told us to run a blood test for her..

after FIVE HOURS of waiting, the dr said that we would have to come again tomorrow for another blood screen coz suspected Denggi (Nauzubillah). I hope nothing bad happens :(

I'm still holding a revenge on QP! I hate living HERE!

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