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How Far Would You Go For LOVE?

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I was bored out of my wits today that i bloghopped all afternoon, while watching The Toy Story and Barbie Thumbelina ;p

I found
this and can't help but drool on.. Haih

In the 1970s, a young Cartier staff designer created a remarkable new item that was to become one of the most desirable accessory ever. He was the late Aldo Cipullo...and the item was the Cartier "Love Bracelet".
One particular medieval practice fascinated him: the story that warriors, prior to going off to battle, often "locked up" their wives around the waist with iron "chastity belts" to preserve the fidelity of the their marriage. Cipullo's desire to create a modern-day symbol of a "locked up", committed relationship had led him to the design of a two-piece bracelet that had to be bolted together to encircle the wrist. And thus was born the "Love Bracelet" and its accompanying screwdriver.

Cartier management, quickly catching the spirit of the item, launched the product with a startling and unprecedented purchasing policy: customer were not allowed to by a "Love Bracelet" for themselves! The Cartier regulation firmly said that no one was permitted to purchase one for their own wrist!

Nicknamed The Slave Bracelet, they were meant to be given to one's true love and then screwed into place for eternity. This is because once it was put on, one (usually) never took it off. The bracelet is composed of 2 C-shaped halves. The 2 C-shaped halves are then put on your wrist and screwed into place by two working screws on each side.

i personally think its a romantic gesture by a love one :)
♥ ♥ ♥