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Exhibit B

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Remember the post about me and my bags? I have been a bit thrifty and there is also restraining orders beh's warning. hehe. lovingly of course but he was right about me being so boros about buying bags..

i've managed to tahan for a few months, but some how I managed to buy more bags, this time Online! hehe.. they aren't expensive like your Coaches and MBMJ of course, but I lov them to bits!

Introducing, Exhibit B! both are bought on the same day! ;p

♥pink animal print tote♥

♥ JC replica clutch♥

this one, is given by my sis :)

♥Starbucks Shopping Bag :)♥

yay! now i have a bag for my Kursus this weekend :)
♥ ♥ ♥