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its been a few weeks since I last saw my baby sis.. so, today we made plans to go out together..

after picking her up, we went to mend MyVi's plate number.. *apparently, it has fallen off during our Serikin trip!* hehe.. then, off we went to tS.. she were quite ravished so she suggested for some Sushi treat..

its been ages since I last had them, but since I had my brunch oredi, I only ate 2 plates. A salmon sake *nyum* and of course jellyfish sushi.. Both are my favorites, tho..

sis on the other hand had a few :p.. hehe
and yeah, apparently my sake salmon sushi was so fresh, they still have icicles on them! hehe.. my teeth were practically shivering biting onto them! hehe

after filling up, we went for some retail therapy. managed to grab a few tees and a white lacy Fazura-inspired top *ala, dalam iklan anak wayang tu* cantek giler! wakaka... the ones i managed to grab was from D&G in S!! hehe fit me nicely! haha

anyway, while trying on the top in the dressing room, i noticed that my arms was kinda berbelang2! ah! crap! now i have to start wearing inner and longsleeves! matila mase kawen tangan itam! wakaka!

gonna start wearing them tomorrow.. wanna see how Beh responds :)

♥ ♥ ♥