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of Pelamins, Berlulut and Tudung

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I missed Oden's wedding today.. *Sori pok!* Blame it on the HTML and the MyVi.. My sis is using the car so I am practically with no transport this weekend.. Haih.. Been meaning to carpool wit Dayna but I over slept! Duh!

Anyway, Congrats on your wedding, Oden :)

After my lunch date wit Beh yesterday, I actually went to 2 wedding boutiques.. For research purposes ofcourse.. heh heh... I didn't really know what to do *and expect* coz i have no idea on what i was suppose to do there.. hehe

So, Butik A: i lov the dresses, and the packages were quite reasonable... I love their wedding gowns pelamin, but the kebaya's and make up iweren't up to my expectations.. hehe

Butik Z: ok package price, updated kebaya but no - no gown and pelamin.. but i do lov the make up and the wedding consultant was quite friendly and answered my stupid q's patiently... hehe

Gave up after the two butiks. surveying alone sucks.. huhu.. plus, i was so annoyed thinking about spending 500 on the pelamin only to be seating on it for about what, 30mins? and what's up with the *belulut thingy? i really dun get it!

*belulut is an adat Melayu Sarawak where the Brides changes into several outfits, commencing something that can be passed as a mini fashion show*

so, today during lunch, i presented the packages to Beh.. which he later said "Up to you, Sayang.." haih..

Sekpa lah.. hehe..

With that, I asked him another question. Do I wear a tudung or selendang for akad. And he says, a selendang will do. As long as he's marrying me (♥________♥) *Sayang Kitak Gilak*.. hehe

so, i think these are lovely ;p

Cantik la nana nih.. lov the wedding outfit.. all of it :)

oh, sazzy... cantik, but too heavy make up tu.. hehe

♥ ♥ ♥