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Mom, Airport andSundaes,,,

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just came home from picking up mom at the airport! I missed her so much! While waiting for her, i had this craving for McD's chocolate sundae.. apa lagik.. peduli dengan hujan and aircond.. haha.. nyumnyumnyum.. heaven..

there was also this interesting lady i found while eating my sundae. she was around 40-ish and she was wearing this pale pink tunic dress, white pants and her sandals was the same shade of her dress. she was with her son, who i think was around 15 - 16y.o.. what caught my attention towards her was her phone.. pardon me, her iPhone! yup, this Pink Lady was browsing thru her iPhone which she had pink leather casing on.. at one point, she was resting her head on her son's shoulder! wah, so sweet *berangan jap*... hehe

hehe anyway, my mom was in the same flight with her husband *i know this coz i saw her husband kissing her on the lips!* sweet gila! dah tua2 but very the romantic one.. me likey!hoho

then, my mom came la.. haha.. arriving at home the first thing that mom handed me was this mag *or katalog?* containing cadar! adoi mak....

now, the original wedding planner has come to town, sedia la denga cadangan suma.. haha

p/s: mom also bought me the Pengantin mag.. the one with Diana and Zamarul on the cover.. hoho.. thanks mak :) ♥ u

♥ ♥ ♥