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Dah ready ka Belum? Pt 2

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the holiday is up.. Now its time to update the Bridezilla's List :). as usual, everything that's done, will be highlited in lilac, otherwise it'll be in blue :)

  1. Pilih tarikh dan waktu nikah *done; will announce later :)*
  2. Pilih venue & time reception *done*
  3. Book Venue *verbal : depo by august*
  4. Wedding theme *down to 2 colours, so partially done.. hehe*
  5. Budget *done*
  6. Choose wedding planner *sundri2 la wey*
  7. Makeup artist nikah *surveyed; will book in Aug*
  8. Makeup artis sanding *surveyed; will book in Aug*
  9. Pelamin *surveyed; will book in Aug*
  10. Berlulut *KIV : mom's request*
  11. Baju Nikah / Reception *design found. tempah after Raya*
  12. Catering *sis to help*
  13. Photographer *still in discussion*
  14. Cincin *continue survey in Aug*
  15. Music/Entertainment
  16. Cake
  17. Wedding Card *BabySis to help*
  18. Kursus Kahwin *June*
  19. Hantaran *done masa Tunang*
  20. Bunga pahar *Mom*
  21. Door gift *Mom*
  22. Kadi & Tukang Nikah *Dad*
  23. Borangs *lepas Kursus*
  24. Guest List ♥Thanks J3zz3lb3ll G ♥ for reminding... hehe

    i think there's more... nanti la

    ♥ ♥ ♥

2 Responses to "Dah ready ka Belum? Pt 2" (Leave A Comment)

J3zz3lb3ll G' says
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 11:52:00 AM GMT+8

hey yunk...make sure jemputan di senarai hitamkan jugak..hehehhe

princessdHani says
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 1:31:00 PM GMT+8

oh... yes.. Thanks! :)