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Rambang Mata~~

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Followed my sister to Sarikin today. She herself was also accompanying one of her husband's niece from Sabah who is on a holidae here in KaChing. We planned to go there early coz we really wanna beat the heat, the parking and the crowd!

But, as my sis is bringing the two Ben10's and her SIL is also bringing her own bunch of army, our 7 o'clock plan was delayed for about and hour and we *both car* left the house around 8.30am.

after buying enough fuel and candies, off we go. its been a while since I last went there.. I think it was around 3 or more years. dun really have anything in particular to find there, so i never bothered going ;p. i decided to follow them with this trip as I felt like surveying for some kain for akad or curtains or even wedding favours.. hehe

arrived there around 940am.. and found so many kains that i like.. but, silly me, I never asked them what the price was coz I was too busy avoiding the heat and one of my Ben10 almost fainted *because of the heat lorr*.. anyway, these are some that i managed to gamba.. hehe

white kebaya.. nikah or dinner shd be ok, kan?

pink kebaya and kain.. too pink to my liking.. hehe
lov all of these. even the sarongs are beaded. saw one online shop selling these for about RM300 per set. I wished i had asked about the price though..

those are the only dresses that i managed to snap.. if there were no kids with us, i bet we would be there longer than 2 hours! hehe..

my sis asked whether i was planning to buy any kains today, but i told her i will only send my baju after raya. only then, that the raya chaos be over and tailor's will be accepting bajus.. hehe.. besidses, what if i get more kurus when my actual majlis nanti? tak lawa la baju besau2 kan? hehe

in another story, can anyone give me this cute thing here as a present? cute giler! its a knife set la.. hehe
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Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 5:56:00 PM GMT+8

Kitak, I saw the knife set dekat IKEA. Knife bole sik dipost? Mun bole kamek post !

princessdHani says
Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 10:03:00 PM GMT+8

mun dalam kotak bley nak? haha.. ntah.. eyy.. u must come to my majlis haa.. hehe