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the wedding thingy

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Mom called me this morning.. first to make sure that Bella is still alive (kidding!) and then the M question came up..

yes.. its the "When-are-you-Getting-Married?" question..


I just did the usual "We never really talk about it" answer and try to steer the conversation to other topic such as baju Raya and sis Sue going to KL for Raya shopping.. But Mom still manage to steer the conversation back to the Wedding Thingy again.. The dais, the wedding dress, the bunga pahar, the bedsheets... Yada yada yada

That's Mom!.. hehe

Mom, if I could (IF), we would be married right now, we would! But.. there are so much to do and so little time...

Double Haih! If I were in KaChing, I'm sure I can settle all the mariage thingy as soon as possible.. And its gonna be small and intimate.. The akad nikah la..

The sanding will sure HAVE TO (terpaksa okae) be grand, being Beh the eldest in his family, me : anak dara ajileman cucu nek boga and Mom and Dad having known almost all the people in KaChing (am exagerating here!).. hehe.. no lah..

I only want a simple wedding. A simple white wedding.. hehe

I better stop before i turn on my Bridezilla mode again..

And to my friends, I am gonna announce my Wedding when the time comes, kay? Hehe...

♥ ♥ ♥