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Today's most Googled is

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Hey guys.. I am writing this while watching the librarians are stacking the books neatly at their respective shelves.. Nama gik Guru PSS ( thats Pusat Sumber Sekolah) hehe..

So, today's obsession is....

Wedding dresses! Gahaha... So, enjoy!

Vintage Wedding Dresses heaven? These gorgeous wedding gowns are by Claire Pettibone

Lov them!

These are by our own Rizalman Ibrahim. If I ever had that extra RM5k for a dress, I will sure ask him to custom made it for me.. hehe

These pic here are from his 2006 Bridal Collections

I love this white number.. Seksi wak~~ hehe

I've always loved Mandarin collar.. But I dun have the NECK for it! Haih!

These are from his 2005 collection

This would suit me perfectly.. I think la.. haha


As much as I lov pink, I HOPE I wont be looking like THIS!

♥ ♥ ♥