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Something to smile about (^_^)

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yaa.. ini la yang buat saya bz gila wiken ini.. ada VVIP datang umah lorr..
can u guess already? heh heh

YES! my Beh came here for his weekends! hehe.. okay, actually he grabbed the opportunity to come here in QP coz he had this Taklimat on Monday morning in SBW.. Hehe.. alang2 tiket flight free ma..

and this visit I kinda granted his wish of having a barbeque session coz the last time he was here, we couldn't make it. Time constraints and all.

so, this visit we did the barbeque. yes, on the forth floor and all.. haha! it was great and we made a lot of smoke!


What a great time it was.. I hope we can have another one.. In Ka-Ching of course :)

♥ ♥ ♥