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Saya Obses dengan BunBun!

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I bet some of you are wondering what the heck is Bun Bun or Abun.. Well it is actually a cat. Beh's family's cat. Technically la.. hehe

Its actually like this. A couple of years ago, my Future-In-Laws owned a cat; Komeng, but one day, he was nowhere to be found. After Komeng, I have never heard beh talking bout cats. Just a few months back when I stayed at his place, I notice there were a lot of cats loitering at their compound. This is where I first met Abun.

Abun (or BunBun as me and beh affecionately addressed him) is an old cat. And he was a bit crippled. We never knew whether it was from birth or if he was hit by something but he was already in the state that he was. BunBun only had three good leg which made him an easy target for other cats to steal his food away. What my FMIL did was only feed Abun and chase all the other cats away! :) If BunBun is full, then she will give the extra food them. Hehe

From what FSIL told me, BunBun is rather manja wit my FFIL. He will only call him once and Abun with all his might will hop to FFIL feet and gesel - gesel mukanya.. So cute..

Now that I am away, I kinda miss Bun Bun. To the extent where I even asked Beh to mms me BunBun's pic everyday. I am also thinking of adopting BunBun for myself after getting married to Beh :p

Boleh nak sayang? :)

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2 Responses to "Saya Obses dengan BunBun!" (Leave A Comment)

nikzz says
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM GMT+8

rupanya bun2 ya adalah pusak heheh..umah kmk pun ada anak pusak siam..fluffy namanya..suka nar gigit kaki kmk hehe.....pusak milik my niece heheh~

princessdHani says
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 9:35:00 PM GMT+8

wah! mesti kiut!!! hehe..

Aok.. BunBun yang pusak tua p sangatla adorable.. hehe

mek maok nginangnya p lak sekda orang jaga masa cuti.. hehe.. gikpun ya maseh pusak dah najep bah.. hehe