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Ooh.. Aah..

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ooh.. only a few hours till i turn 27~ what a scary number.. because as old as I am, i dun feel 27.. heck, i dun feel as if i am 26! maybe because of my line of work, that i am around kids 24/7 made me feel younger than i should.. Hurm.. wateva lah..

been off this week, bz wit work.. biasalah, the kids are still in transition phase.. yes that particular fellow still cries from start till finish and badger me with questions such as " Is it time to go home yet" all day long... Sigh.. nasib bait aku tok gik penyabar.. heh heh

last week staff meeting also sees me appointed as NILAM teacher.. whoever yang sik tauk ya, nilam is Program Nadi ILmu Amalan Membaca.. its a program that encourages the reading habit in a student.. every year, schools will send representative to NILAM prog to compete, sapa gik banyak baca buku.. so far my school has won 2 years in a row, though not the grand prize, but we still win out of thousands of school participating ma~~

anyway, as the Teacher - In - Charge, i am suppose to keep an eye on the students progress, document their every moves and activities that could add up their points and merits. the GB also said something that brings a smile to my face..

"nanti kamu bawak dia pegi Kuching ya.. dan lepas tu jangan lupa dokumenkan apa2 aktiviti yang dia ikut, tangkap gambar dan compile dalam portfolio dia"

waduh2.. pucuk di cita ulam mendatang.. haha.. I get to go home to KaChing for free during the school week and I GET AN EXCUSE TO BUY A CAMERA! gahaha!

bes2.. huhu..

will update later for anything.. hehe.. Happy Birthday to Me :D

♥ ♥ ♥