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I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him ♥

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Yahoo! First week has passed! Which means only two more week till I am HOME! Yay! Can't wait! I know Bella is eager to be home too.. As much as we are okay with living here in QP, there's nothing compared to staying at our own hometown.. hehe

K, what's next to kill the time? Owh, I think I need to finish the Rancangan Tahunan before heading home for CNY holidays.. Also I gotta make sure I look great for my Birthday dinner with Beh :)

Yes! in exactly 1 week I am turning 27! Yay! and Yikes! hehe.. I feel so tua la... hehe.. Ahem to my sisters, saya mahu mintak barang ha~~~


To Big Sis, Aya in JB; saya mahu ini:

Sis Sue in Kaching; I want ur special Cheesecake and Chilli Crab! Yum2

Sis Alin in Miri oredi bought me a Plan-Your-Wedding book or something .. Thanks :)

Sis Anne in BK, mintak Purse Baru! Ahahaha!

To Mami Dadi, mintak doa kitak sak dapat cepat pindah ;p

and lastly to Beh, mek maok kitak! :D

Hopefully this birthday will be better than last ( Tho I didn't get to celebrate it with Beh; huhu) But, before that, BACK TO WORK!!!

♥ ♥ ♥