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Banjero Banjero

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Woke up early today.. Dad asked me what day is it.. Mumbled Thursday in my mamainess *magic gila tauk hari apa sebab cuti bah~~ * then he asked me to help iron his bj batik.. Aish.. Keja Gomen, biasalah~~ Even yours truly pun terpaksa start collecting baju Batik dah... huhu

When he went off to work (quite late actually, p nya boss bah... Haha!) I had no choice but to wake up, drink my plain water and turned on to HBO.. Haha.. I know,  I am a movie freak! It was only then that I realised it had rained all night long.. Aih, sik boleh jadi tok.. Dahlah da plan dinner ngan beh...

Around noon, me and my sis went out of the house (rain still pouring) coz I wanted to have lunch wit Beh. Everytime that I am in town, I would make sure that we would have lunch together atleast once.. and it is usually Claypot Chicken Rice.. Ever since I had my first serving in Penang, I became hooked with this dish! Only if I have had this dish, then I would go to other stalls there.. Hehe..

After lunch, me and baby sis made plans for sweater hunting in tS, tapi manusia di sia~~ YaAmpun... Kensel! We then head to Bt3 terminal to pick up tix for me and Bella departure *sigh* this Saturday... Cuti abis dah? Bosan!!! OTW there, we passed thru Flat Persekutuan and guess what! Aek Nait! Dad also called saying he's already home coz area Matang aek nait dah.. Adoiyai! Hurm, so after purchasing the tix, we head home.

Around 7, beh picked me up for our dinner date.. Pusing sana sini last2 pegi la Tom Yum Goong.. Not bad la.. The pricing was okay, and we managed.. If only TomYum nya banyak kit isik, Baruklah Yum! hehe..

Lupak! Apak (FFIL) gave me these from Mekah.. Macam tauk2 jak menantunya tok suka make gelang.. Makseh pak.. Haha.. Dad even snickered when I showed him the gift.. He said, hadiah k menantu~~~ Hehe

Ya jak asanya.. Ngantok.. Nite! And thanks for the treat Babe.. Lov you!

♥ ♥ ♥