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N2O = Antooo~~

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Around 5 today, Beh picked me up for our Movie Date.. yes, its Hari Raya.. Its just that since our parents are not around, it kinda bored.. miss MamiDadi la~~ :puteh_24: As we got there, we decided to watch this particular muvie I was really hoping that its gonna be good unlike my experience wit abang ChickenSandwich's Janda Muvi since it was only 6.00pm, we decided to grab dinner at RajaPenyet~~ Nyum2 :puteh_26: Nyaman hoh?! Since dinner finished early, we decided to try out beh's new baby.. :puteh_4: Beh doing what he does best. Me doing what I do best..

Taking his pic! :puteh_12:

As 8.30pm approaches, we went back to the cinema for our Movie.. It was the best decision we made so far, in terms of which movie to watch it was dem funny.. Hehe we really enjoyed ourselves..

so, go watch it guys! Next movie to be watched >> Los dan Faun

Eh, almost forgot.. bought this before I went home.. Cute~~