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My 2009 Resolution

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Since the Nu Year is just around the corner, I think it is appropriate that I write down my resolutions rite? While some people argue that " Why wait for Nu Year for resolution?" For me its simple.. It makes me easier to remember the date =)

OK, so my last years' resolution was

♥ a better daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend and educator
♥ start own saving

♥ take better care of myself

♥ kaya macam jutawan
♥ kurus kedak model ( till the year ends)
♥ ace my confirmation interview

♥ get engaged

Alhamdulillah.. almost all that i had hoped for was achieved. Except for one tiny thing.. The
staying skinny till the end of the year part... aiyoh.. I dunno why, my weight seems to baloon up and down all year round.. my heaviest this year was around 52kgs, a little before raya and my lightest was around 47kgs - 48kgs. This was around March or April which explain why I looked great during my convo (^_____^)

Luckily my face stayed cengkung or else, my fluctuating weight would be more obvious! hehe

Enuff bout last year.. Now its about 2009.This year, my resolution would be

♥ a better daughter, sister, aunt, FIANCEE, educator, cook and domestic goddess ;p
♥ Increase saving aka be richer

♥ Confirmed position aka raise in salary q(^^,)p

♥ reach my ideal weight (which is 41kg) and sticking to it!

♥ wear contact lenses fulltime
♥ fix my teeth *for real this time*

♥ buy own domain :D

♥ get married ;P ergo
♥ own crib

that's all i think.. will update later