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Back To School Spree~~~

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When everybody else is busy with their Christmas and back-to-school shopping, so was I! To others, back-to-school means stocking up on their year round stationaries, uniforms, school bag, etc etc.. This Pink Princess here, her back-to-school shopping list is of course~~ MAKE UPS! Yay!

A few months back, I did mention about switching to mineral make-ups.. I am currently wearing this.

It wasn't bad or anything at all. I am just one of those people who bores easily. So after hunting here and there, tried and tested I decided to settle on this.

Its not that expensive at all. I lov the brush and the color just blends well into my skin =). I also got a mineral blusher just as I ran out of one :P.
Next stop, eyeliner. You must be wondering why am I not buying any eyeshadows, thats easy.. I DUN WEAR THEM. Tho they may look superb on everybody else, I still haven't mastered the skill of putting on my own shadow.. So the next best thing was an eyeliner. Shishedo was tad too expensive for an eyeliner (plus the salesperson were too snobby to bother up with tiny shopper like me), Kate was tad too tiny (I could lost it in my Makeup bag!) and other OTC brand was either too light colored, too flimsy and too soft to handle. So I settled for MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil Crayon. It has the right size, color and texture that I lov.

I am still missing a mascara tho.. although i am a spec wearer, I lov having my eyelashes curled and mascara-ed =).. So, I am gonna continue the hunt next week cos the rest of this week, m gonna be busy with my parents coming home from Haj and all.. Toner and Moisturizer - wise, I am still sticking to The Face Shop; only its the Dewy Flower Range.. Best benda tok aih.. Muka jadi putih bersih ntamnya.
p/s: Ada orang maok spon tok ka?