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Remember Remember the 30th November

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Sounds creepy eh... It is actually a dialogue I heard today on V for Vendetta... Natalie Portman is so very Delicioso... nyum nyum...

2 great things happen today... a Schoolmate of mine got Hitched! [Congrats Emmot
Worke] while a lovely lady that I happen to know via my sis got Engaged today... [Welcome to the Club Dini Esma!!] Hehe...

I really wished that I could've gone to their respective ceremony, but unfortunately I am too tired (and Dini's is in SBW) because of last night... my InLaws ada kenduri yesterday... Beh's dad is going away for Haj on Tuesday and as Menantu No. 1 of the family, of course Yours Truly had to help around the house... I was there since 2pm yesterday and I only got home around 1am last night... yes! There was a lot to do!

Other than helping around, I was also officially introduced to the extended family that didn’t make it to my Engagement... ngah, usu, anjang, etc etc... Though it was a bit nerve wrecking, I think I did okay... a lot to remember actually... n I thought I had a big family!!Hehe

It was fun being around beh's family and Geng Bas Sekolah BatuDokblas... they did dug out cute stories of Beh's childhood that I didn't knew and I also stumbled upon Beh's baby pictures while changing into my BajuKurung in my FSIL's room... he's so adorable!! hehe

I also had fun knowing Amy (FBIL's fiancee) n FiFi (FSIL) closer.. there is also Elin (2nd FBIL's gf) they were super nice to me and tomorrow I'll be there for another Kenduri but this time it is just for the ILfamily...

but, before heading there, I am gonna buy some of the things that Mami dah pesan thru Apak for her; limau kasturi, RM100 Maxis TopUp and a flu tablet.. I just hope that my Parents is feeling better already tomorrow...

dah lah ngerepak.. no pix of yesterday's ceremony; sik sempat maok transfer dari beh..

p/s: bila gik laptop ku nak datang tokk!!!