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agenda ini hari

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the first day of school hols... haha... besnya dapat lepak lamak2 di umah n not think of going back to QP that fast.. huhu.. i really miss home~~

i've made a few plans for the whole holiday.. roadtrips, shopping trips, picnics, hangout plans wit Beh etc2... i've also made plans for a spring cleaning.. now that i am living alone for a few weeks, i've thought of throwing away my old clothes and other junks.. on the other hands maybe i wont throw them away.. im gonna give them away n i hope the person that found it is gonna appreciate it as much as i do...

i've also made plans to see the dentist.. something's wrong with my teeth.. tengok lah.. esok ka...

today i wanna continue doing my laundry, have lunch at udak's crib and dunno mebbe meet up with beh later in the day..

which reminds me.. i wanna giv a full coverage on my BigDay last months.. p maok resize lok la.. saba k? till then..
later alligator