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sports day~~ kepak eh

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yesterday, berlangsunglah sports day d skolah aku ittew.. and yours truly was selected as the emcee.. huhu.. kinda disastrous though, considering i have poor pronounciation skills of the pupils' name.. huhu
our house (team) got fourth place ( out of four) haha! pathetic huh.. hehe
ne way, i cant post any pix coz i am pc less or BenQless rite now.. my BenQ is now safe in Miwi.. wit moi sis.. so i am practically bored to death at home and not to mention unable to back up all my pix... kelak lah
next week, i'll be having my confirmation interview and rite now i am downloading all the infos the i THINK i am gonna need to prepare for it..
i am looking forward for next week though, PAYDAY!!!! yay!
lak lah.. sekda idea tok.. hehe