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i will be away for a few days.. okay la~~ 2 days to be exact.. i'll be leaving for QP tomorrow morning coz my cuti finish oredi.. but on friday the 10th, i will be back in kaChing for the big day.. thank God QP is accessible thru road and water.. whereelse, i think im gonna maxed my Visa coz of my flying in and out of KaChing.. so i only travel via air once in a blue moon.. hehe..

alHamdulillah, all the trimmings and decorating is done.. even my dress looks amazing.. now i think im gonna need extra sleep so that i wont be puffy or even pass as a racoon because of the eye bags.. hehe

need to go to bed now.. my flight is 1030am tomorrow.. i wish i didnt have to go back though~~~

miss u oreadi sayang.. cant wait for this weekend.. i am officially YOURS! well, kinda.. hehe