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Yes… I did it... I bought a new phone... Not for the sake of bragging or anything... I really need a new one... My 3250 has gone kaput already... that poor thing... She’s been thrown through a lot... I still got her; she now functions as my paper weight... A 8oo bucks worth of paper weight to be exact~~ : p

In my previous post... I’ve stated that I only wanted to purchase a K800i or the most K810... I only wanted a camera phone. But, when u met the rite salesperson are given a wider choice, u are sure to be hooked with something else. In my case, the k800i that I’ve been eyeing has morphed into~~~

Yes... It’s a N82 from Nokia! Wo hoo! ~ The best part bout it is, beh also got one! Haha... Thank God I can get rid of that *&^% phone he’s using

I Love this thing to bits! Its got 5mp camera, 3.5G (or HSPDA for u gear heads out there), WLAN, blas2… and most importantly, its mine! Huhu!

I haven’t really had the chance to explore it as I’ve been busy with work (nyalah ya~~) and everything, but I do have the time to fiddle wit the camera..

So from today onwards, be ready to read a blog full of crappy pictures like this (as if it weren’t crappy enough before ;p) and notes from this gearhead princess, k?

Oh yeah, I’m naming her Nicole82; in respect of a lady that I am currently in lov with…