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Ah.. Spend the whole afternoon with beh... SHOPPIN! Hehe my fave past time tuh... hehe

First went to Hopoh for beh's trousers, and then found a bargain for his work shoes! Bes eh... im so excited to see him so excited in finding such bargains...

Then, as we made a plan to meet with his fwen at TS, off we went... we were originally just browsing... when we got the the men's department, i found more trousers, ermm work pants for beh.. They look so good on him, I persuaded him to buy 2 pairs! Heheh! PUAS ATI! Huh... both totalling under RM150... murah ya! It cost the same if u were to tempah a pair at Armani or Formula One...


INI TIDAK ADEL! It’s my turn now!

I dragged beh to F.O.S (along with Zul ;p) and half an hour later... i got my self a cute sweater, a Capri and a blouse... all costing under RM100!! besh2! Huhu

All the money spending made us all starving, so we head down to mana lagi~~ Kluang Station! Huhu.. As usual beh ordered his Cham.. We ate and did some catching up with Zul who I think we last met around June 06.. Wah..

After restoring some energy, we continued to my sis's shop as beh would say it The Face Shop to buy me some moisturizer and my compact.. Kejap da jak make.. Hehe kuat glak beresep ya.. Haha!

This time, I manage to spend below RM150 unlike the usual. tho beh still made a face at me as he sees that there are only 2 items inside the paper bag.. :D

Then, we parted ways with Zul as he had something else to do. I and beh continued our scavenger hunt to Blvd but reaching there, we found ourselves too tired to even do some browsing.. So we head home with our hands full of bags, 2 pairs of swollen foot and a skinner purse..