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Royally mine

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Dreams do comes true!

Loving this!

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Finally mine! Yay! Can't wait to settle down in my own crib and use this! Hehe

I'm in love!

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Beautiful MINI Rocketman Concept
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Hello there dusty blog... *blows cobwebs and dirts. Am so guilty for neglecting this online diary of mine.. It seems as if having a toddler has really takes away my free time..
To be honest i cant remember the last time i would sit in front of the laptop or put up my legs and read a book without any interruptions from my little roxstar who has jus turned 15m.o last week.. But hey, my life would be so empty without her antics and laughter every single day.. It is actually something i look forward to everyday..
Uh oh.. Looks like shes up for her night feeding :p gonna end this entry with one of my new resolution - to solve the rubik's cube before i turn 32 (lame... I know!) Yikes! I am really old! Haih.. Till then....


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♥Dahlia's been so attached to her blankie lately.. I wonder why... Anyways, will be going on a trip tomorrow for 2d1n.. This will be my 1st time sleeping away from ♥Dahlia and I feel so anxious about it!
Mesti takdapat tdo n rindu gila! Huhu Mommy's gonna miss smelling ur scent while sleeping syg.. And daddy's too of course...
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At 11m2w6d my dearest daughter has taken her first step today! Alhamdulillah!

Mommy and Daddy is so proud of you ♥Dahlia! Lov u so much sweetie.. (ʃƪ˘˘ﻬ) ♥! (づ^.^)づ

P/s: will blog more soon! Miss you guys!
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7 months

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♥Dahlia is now 7 months young! :) mommy's little girl is not so little anymore! So far she's been a happy and healthy girl, Alhamdulillah.

And her daily antics has never fail to amuse her mommy and daddy. Hopefully she'll grow healthy, happy, smart n solehah.. Amin..

And owh.. This is why mommy and baby has been too busy for not updating :)

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