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♥Dahlia and solid foods

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Its been about 3 week since ♥Dahlia started on solid food. So far she's enjoying her meal time a lot :)

It started kinda accidental. I was planning on starting to give her solid on her 6month birthdate which is May13th. But during one of the weekly visit to my MILs place, she ate a few spoonfuls of blended rice and carrot, originally Damia's food.. I thought ♥Dahlia would rejected them. But to my surprise she loves it!

So we went back home, excited, wanting to prepare her foods for the next day :) so far, Beh is so eager cooking her meal and I am so grateful and happy that he wants to involve in raising ♥Dahlia actively :)

Up to this day, ♥Dahlia's been eating potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, plain rice and rice with milk. Her favorite since day one is potatoes, plain boiled and blended - no other flavorings needed :)

I think I wanna introduce to her broccoli next, blended with sweet potato :) next month, maybe I'll start her with proteins :)

♥ you so much my baby. Hopefully you'll grow up strong, healthy and smart. Amiin
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