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Tommee Tippee Electric Breastpump for SALE! - |SOLD!|

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Item: Barely used (less than 3 times) Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breastpump

Reason: I already have another pump for myself :) tanak simpan yg ni so I decided to sell them instead

Price: - Bought: @ RM459 (october 2011)
           - Seen in Blogshop : @ RM420
           - my price : @ RM350!

 Primary Features
* Convenient and Easy Assembly
* Silicone Cups
* 4 Expression Phases
* Safe Feeding Bottle

Product Features
* The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump provides superior performance with comfort
* Gives great results at the touch of a button and is really easy to assemble, use and sterilise
* Teat designed to mimic the natural flex of a mums breast
* BPA-free for total reassurance
* The pump has 4 expression phases, light, low, medium and high
* Includes
-          1 x electric breast pump
-          1 x 150ml bottle
-          1 x milk storage lid
-          2 x milk storage pots
-          6 x breast pads
-          1 x sterilizer box that doubles up as a carry case

Please email me at akmar2980(at)gmail(dot)com. Or just leave ur hp number at the comment section if you prefer me contacting thru sms :) will delete the comment if you prefer it anonymously