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No more..

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It's official! I can no longer call myself a pinkaholic!

I think it all started while buying Dahlia's stuff.. While the doctor
mentioned that I MAYBE carrying a girl, friends and colleagues kept
reminding me that she might be a girl.. At that moment, my dream of
buying everything pink for my baby shatters *glass breaking*

I didn't wanna buy blue stuffs also as she might looked masculine and
all, the next best colour would be green! So, green blankets, hooded
towels, warmer bag, etc etc.

Now that Dahlia is almost 2mo, I still find myself buying her green
stuff - dresses, mittens, another warmer bag :p her rocker and her
latest green possession is - her stroller! :)

I was attending a wedding earlier this morning so I dropped her off at
my mom's. When we returned home, suddenly mom told me that since she
didn't contribute in my 'adult purchase' the other day, she wanna buy
something for Dahlia instead :)

Sebagai anak yang bertimbang rasa dan penyayang, of course I didn't
ask for a Quinny or a Maclaren. Settled for a local brand only.
Affordable, lightweight and most importantly - fit inside our Kancil

Alhamdulillah, mmg rezeki Dahlia murah sgt :)

P/s: Dahlia's MyKid dah siap.. And its PINK! Hehehe