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Mommy's Night Out

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Last night, for the first time since my move back to KaChing, I had the privilege of going out my my girlfriends to celebrate Dena's 30th birthday. Why privilege? Coz this time ♥Dahlia's daddy agreed to baby sit and let me enjoys our girls night out!

So enjoy did I! Went out for steamboat-ing *adakah word itu??* at the Garden Steamboat. To be honest, its my 1st time there, as I always have a steamboat feast at D11 :). The place was quite alright, nice and peaceful. The food choice were not as much as D11 but so were the customers there! I mean you don't have to fight for the biggest crab or the last scoop of ice - cream there! It was also a kid friendly environment as each table was quite far apart :)

Anyways, didn't take any pictures though, am enjoying the food and company so much :)

When I reached home at around 1030pm, ♥Dahlia had just woken up for some milk, much to her daddy's delight. Gladly, I went to nurse her and hold her close as I never thought I would miss someone this tiny so much! :)

Alhough I kept thinking about her all night, I am glad that I went out with the girls, it kept me sane after being home all week long :)