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The Chronicles of Dahlia♥

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The birth of my bundle of joy :)

13 November 2011

1. Woke up around 7.30am. Cooked breakfast for us both: congee and
chicken soup. While cooking the soup, I was thinking, "I'm gonna eat
this everyday during confinement later". Boy, what a thought :)

2. Doing baby's last minute laundry as we just finished buying them
the day before, crossing off everything on the list.

3. Ate breakfast in front of the tv, watching rerun of Masterchef with
Hubster. Joking around, felt some liquid coming out of me, I thought I
was peeing while laughing, so got out of sofa n went to the bathroom.
It was around 10.45am. Water gushing out around 10mins, but there was
no pain.. Continued Doing baby laundry. Beh went on to take a shower
while I called my mom. Mom told me to calm down and relaxed. She then
told me if I experience any pain, then we should immediately go to the
hospital. Water stopped while chatting wit mom.
10min later, it seems as if it leaks again, but it wasn't as much as before.

4. 11.45am: I asked Beh to sterilised the baby bottles and my breast
pump. By 12pm, ada rasa senak2 skit but I can still manage. And baby
was still kicking (yes, I was still counting for the Fetal Kick

5. 1.45pm: Beh decided that we should go to my mom's place instead, as
she knows better. But before that, sempat plak detour to KFC (as I was
mentioning about eating them the day before) and ATM to take some
cash, for my confinement medicine.. Hehe

6. 2.30pm: arrived at my mom's place, ate some lunch and just laze
around the sofa. By this time, I had worn a pad and every time I went
out to pee, I realize that there were little mucusy blood stains on
them. But still no pain, so we just lepak at mom's place.

7. 4.00pm: BIL decided that we should watch Hantu Kak Limah Balik
Rumah. Although I was enjoying the movie, deep down I kept wondering,
am I having contractions? Mom and Beh told me to start timing them, if
they are getting closer.

8. 5.45pm: my contraction was coming ev 15 min.. Tapi sempat mintak
KitKat ngan my BIL. Daddy rushed to buy some ambal for me, (mom's
been nagging him to buy some since 5, for me to eat.. Hehe) My mom soh
pg hospital terus

9. 6.00pm: Smpe hospital.. Contraction ev 10 mins.. I was practically
kicking the driver seat to ask Beh to drive faster all the way through
the hospital. Registering, then the nurses asks to go to the labour
room to check my opening. It was already around 5cm. The Dr then asks
to change into the hospital gown.

10. 6.30pm: I was then sent to the delivery room. My contractions were
getting quicker. The JM asks me whether I went to pee or not before, I
said no so she put on the tube so that I would pee in it.

11. 6.40pm: I told the JM I feel like taking a poop! They quickly
called Beh in to come inside to watch everything and for some support.
She then asks me to starts pushing. After feeling like having 2 of
the biggest crap in my whole life, finally baby Dahlia came out at
about 6.48pm. Only then I realize that the room was suddenly full with
nurses and doctors; all were cheering for me while I was in labour..
Hehe.. Alhamdulillah..

12. 6.58pm: As soon as baby were out, they start to massage my tummy
to get the uri out. Then starts the most painful part ever. The
stitching. Aduhhhhh rasa nak tendang2 muka nurse yang jaitkan tuh..
Kata dh letak bius, tapi sakit gila! The pain was even worst than
contraction, heck than the delivery it self! It was finally finished
around 7.30pm

13. 8.30pm: They finished cleaning up me and Dahlia and we were pushed
out of the labour room. Dahlia seems so tiny in the bundled cloth, and
I can't help but kept kissing her, still trying to convince myself
that she is really mine.

14. 9.00pm: We were finally pushed out of the room and sent to the
ward. My head were constantly turning, trying to find familiar faces -
my parents, Beh and my babySis along with her hubby. When I finally
saw them, I was so relieved! We were then placed in room B8 at level 3
on the Hospital. My dad went on to azan n iqamat Dahlia, followed by
Beh; during which he was so moved that he shed some tears. I too felt
like crying watching him but I didn't wanna flood the room in front of
my parents (˘̩̩̩o˘̩̩̩ƪ)

15. 9.30pm: my parents left for home, as the visiting hours were
finished. Beh stayed on until around 10.00pm to be with us :)

16. 10.15pm: The nurse asks me to start breastfeeding Dahlia till she

was sound asleep around 11.00pm, while the sleep deprived new mommy is
still up writing this note around 11.50pm.

Overall: Seluk was fine, contractions were so and so, delivery was ok
but berjahit was the most painful and excruciating part of all! Selagi
jahit nih tak sembuh, masih fobia nak beranak kot! Hehehehe

P/s: we were suppose to take a visit to my new school on this day, n
go to our maternity photoshoot on the evening.. That plan just went
kaput :p

P/s/s: I think what the elders said is true. When you walk and
exercise enough, its gonna be an easy labour :)