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Dahlia is 1 month old today! Kisses for Mommy's little angel.. Mwah!

So far, both me and Beh can now cope with her daily schedule. This
weeks' been better than last, of course. As she sleeps and nurse
better too.. No more waking up every hour to drink. Now its more to 2
to 3 hours of sleep before she wakes up wanting to drink :)

Also, she has now developed a habit: mengeliat yang berbunyi2 macam
sedap betul jak badan dia stretch.. Hehe So adorable..

So far, mommy is no longer a zombie. When daddy's back from work,
he'll entertain Dahlia so that mommy can have her me time :) Beh even
let's me sleep through even when Dahlia is pooping, as he wants to do
the diaper duty - Daddy Time as we both call it :)

As for me, confinement is getting easier as it is coming to the end :)
Drinking pinum rempah, pinum sireh, air periok and a pinch of majun
really starts my day.. Masa mula2 rasa nak terkeluar balik sbb ada
hampas, but now tutup mata jak.. Haha

As for my weight, it is now at 55kg -_-" (my final weight before
delivery is 64kg) 5kg more to fit into my kurung moden, 10kg more to
look like Nicole Richie :D. 2more weeks to go.. Chaiyok!