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Halfway to Go!!

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Finished with Karnival Prasekolah last week and the kids' final examination.. Alhamdulillah, most of my kids has shown so much improvement since their last exam :) I hope they will continue to excel when they enter primary 1 next year :D

As for the Karnival, we didn't get any placing, only saguhati. Oh  well, my kids has done extremely well, maybe it was just their luck. Next time maybe :D

Last weekend has been a blast for me. Hubster came to meet me in Sbw and we spend them enjoying each other's company and also fulfilling my food craving. Oh, just the usual Mee Kampua, Quarter Pounder with
Cheese and the Magical Magnum Classic with almond! So heavenly. Makanan biasa2 jakkk.. Xda nak craving yang plek2.. Alhamdulillah..

So, this week, am gonna be busy with jamuan prasekolah and last minute touch ups and preparations for our Konvokesyen next week. As we've been appointed as organizer, the burden is quite heavy for us! Huhu
Gonna take my nap now :p.. Till then..

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