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Entry Tidak Semena Mena

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I don't really have anything to write right now . I just felt like typing -___________________-"

ermm.. ok.. owh, about pregnancy thingy. I did my UPT in the wee morning of March 20th. the day I was suppose to leave Hubster as the holiday was coming to an end. Shaking my head a few times, I ask Hubster whether I should take a few more days off or just go back to  QP to resume working. Hubs told me to back to work, and be extra careful with myself.

I only told my parents in about a few days later when I was suddenly attacked by my first gastric ever! That day, the Dr asked me to do another UPT and after really confirming it, I called my mom :)

Since then, my journey of pregnancy *alone, away from Hubster* began. I never told anyone about it except for my immediate family, whom I've told to keep quiet until I passed the 1st trimester, which is around 12 to 13 weeks :). Not even my besties and housemates knew about it because I was so afraid of being jinxed. One of my colleague lost hers at around 9 - 10 weeks last time and by that time, everyone all over the school had already known about her pregnancy. Seriously, that traumatized me a bit.

Anyways, Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly during my first trimester. I had no morning sickness what so ever. What I had was super tiredness (where I would take naps everyday from 1 - 5pm everyday without fail) and a few bad encounters of bloats and gas :p and owh, I can't stand the smell of oil frying in the pan :p

Somebody asks me about constipation in my last entry. To be honest, I have no problem in the bowel department :D, unlike my unpregnant days. I guess maybe because I take a lot fruit and veggies nowadays. I also drank tons of plain water as I stopped having coffee and tea all together :) My Anmum Materna also been my "official drink" since my pregnancy and I think one way or another, it helped in the bowel movement too. Original please, I can't stand the chocolate flavor :&

But I guess, what you should do to avoid constipation all together  is to drink your milk and plain water, eat more veggies and fruit and also your oats/cornflakes. I found them as a very good source of fiber :)

Hope that helps :)