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Round Two - Here we go again

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I am up.. At 6 on a weekend! Which is a miracle because I usually get
back to sleep after performing Fajr and will only be awake again
around 8 - 830.

What's with the fuss, you might ask.. Well, I am here at Kapit
Hospital for my 2nd blood glucose monitoring for my GDM.. Haih..

Apparently, I had my eating and blood taking thingy timing all messed
up as I wasn't really eating and semi-fasting within the compulsary
2hour interval. So the Doctor made me do the bgm all over again this
whole day..

You see, what happen is, one will be required to fast from midnight to
7am to see the initial glucose level in their blood as a starting
mark. Then, within the next 15hrs or so, one will have to come every 2
hours (i.e 9am, 11am, 1pm, 5pm, 7pm and lastly 10pm) to repeat the
process. Make sure that you would take some food right after the
Cullen suck your blood and only drink plain water within the 2hour

Tough luck huh? Well, its what I am gonna do today.. Wish me luck! I
just wish I don't have to repeat it for another session later -___-"

Till then, toodles!


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