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Yesterday marks a dark day in my life.. I lost one of my bestfriend for good.. After battling lung infection followed by a kidney failure, my beloved friend the late Madey returned to the Great Almighty at around 6am..

Hubster had just came back from his cycling trip when he woke me up with the bad news.. I was stunned at first but quickly reached for my bb to confirm the news.. As I read the last post by his lil bro, a tear fell down my cheek and suddenly I burst into tears that Hubs had to calm me down..

We quickly showered and made plans with our other close friends to go to his funeral at Kpg Semera. As soon as we arrived, I choked up with tears as I saw his parents and sibling and also his gf or should I say soon to be fiancee.. As we later learned, Madey's parents were suppose to meet her parents on the 16, to make it official and all the hantarans has been bought.. I can only imagine how they feel :(

He was my classmate for 3years and my school mate for 5.. Our path cross again as we entered the same Uni.. Hubster met him during matriculation but they stayed close till his death :(

RIP my dearest bro.. Moga dicucuri rahmatNya selalu.. Alfatihah..

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