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the stork is coming!

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its been a very hectic 2 weeks for me.. the 1st week, there were 2 visits to our school (and my preschool). Monday, there were a few videographer taping a few shots about our school, to be shown on Quality Day - yada yada yada.. i was having my flu and there the PM just decided to shoot my class while i was teaching. dang.. luckily the kids were behaving and weren't in their usual Dennis the Menace antics.. Phew..

Come Tuesday, a group of lecturers from IPGM Rajang and an officer from PutraJaya (apparently a Datuk) came especially to visit the Preschool here. Everything went well Alhamdulillah, but i will always have jitters everytime anyone comes to visit my class.. huhu

Anyways, last week was Teachers' Day and our Exam week, so another busy week for me. but hey, apart from all the commotion, myBabysis told me that one of her Besties, Dini has a great news! Apparently the stork is coming her way too! Alhamdulillah! Congrats Dini! You and Esma will definitely make a very pretty baby! hehe.. Take a really good care of yourself k? :)

Tu je la kot.. Till then, toodles!

p/s: 5 more days and I'll be home! yay!