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Durian oh Durian

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You can call me a hardcore durian lover. I can easily finish a durian by myself without any help by anyone..

But yesterday, something really weird happened.

I was happily gnawing into my 5th slice (ulas kot) of durian when suddenly i felt full. This was around 11in the morning. Feeling that this might be a normal reaction, i washed up and stopped eating all together...

by 1pm, i can only jeling my housemate, eating a delicious nasi kerabu as i pat my full tummy..

by 4pm, the feeling was worst! i tried drinking water, eating fruits but still, my belly became rounded and i just could belch even a bit!

To cut the story short, i can only have my dinner around 7pm, which is after a glass of Eno.. pity me.. huhu.. Imagine having an empty belly for 8hours but i wasn't feeling like eating at all! Ain't that dangerous.. :(

Durian oh durian.. it looks like i can't have you as much as i like now.. huhu