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Am now sitting at SGH lobby.. Am supposed to have an appointment done here at the Eye Clinic but apparently, my treatment card here has been thrown away as my last appointment was in 2007..

The nurse told me that I would have to go to a Poliklinik to have my referral letter donen and then they will give me a date.. Haih.. And all I wanted was to get my eyes checked and get my degrees right.. Haih

You see, I don't trust ophthalmologist at the eyewear shop. They never really got my degrees right. It was only after I met a specialist at the SGH then only I got my almost perfect vision.. Heh heh..

Anyways, waiting for Hubster to pick me up now... I wanna make my mean asam pedas fish head for lunch today! Heh heh... Till then... :)

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