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Yes, I am back home for the weekends with my beloved family :)

Arrived around 10.00pm last night after bumping into 5 different vehicle overturned at 5 different places. A lorry, a Hilux, a Viva, a Kancil and an Avanza. The Avanza was definitely the most horrendous because it happened just before we got there and there were newspapers lying around as if to cover something.. Urgh.....

Anyways.. Feeling a bit famished this morning as I didn't take my dinner last night. So this morning I made some nasi lemak for us. Hubster requested for some fish curry with it.. So 'Nasi Lemak Kari Ikan' it is..


Bon Apetit :)

P/s: no cucumber tho.. Hubster banned me from eating them :p

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