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OMG! She's a mommy!

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In a few months, it will be Chichi's 1st anniversary with us. Although I am not really the one who keeps her at home, my IL is very cool with the fact that the only baby that we have now is Chichi :)

So, a few days ago (11.1.11 to be exact!) Hubster texted me saying that Chichi has given birth to 3 black kittens! I was so psyched coz I am planning on going home this weekend!

As soon as Hubster fetched me, our first destination was surely my PIL's crib! They were the cutest most adorable-st things ever! Clearly they took after they dad, being black and all.. But I really hoped that they'd have Chichi's incredible long soft fur :)

Can't wait to see them all grown up!

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