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Late.. but still...

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Happy 2011 guys. Yup, i am a bit late but i did celebrate it in a 7hour BUS journey on the 31st continued by a 3hour EXPRESS ride to qp in the wee morning of the first. Still a bit jagged till now.

Today, I had successfully handled my 1st preschool PTA meeting. Lantakla kalau dorang tak paham BM.. hahaha.. Tomorrow on the other hand will mark a new semester for me and officially Beh's 4th anniversary working! I'm in my 3rd years on the same date! :p so yay to that.. Hopefully this year will be more prosperous for both of us.. Amiinn

Even with the chaotic day today, something feels missing. There's a hole in my heart, a missing piece in my puzzle.. I NEED MY HUBSTER.. T_T