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1st day of school!

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Mood:- solemn :(

Survived the 1st day of school! Except for the fact that my cough has worsen and I lost my voice towards the end of the class, everything went fine! Alhamdulillah, no 'kickers' and 'boxers' this year, just a few who kicked up a fuss but they settled down after a few encouraging words *ahem*

Texting with Beh just now just made me a bit sad. It kills me knowing that he had to cook and eat by himself and doing laundry and sleeping in our big bed all alone tonight!! Kesiannya! I wish I have a 'pintu sukahati' so that I can sleep at home with him and still can go to work in the morning! Huhu.. All this LDR thingy is really taking a toll on me :(

I hope that I will be home soon :( Amiiinnn...

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