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Merry Christmas, guys :)

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This is one of the best christmas song I've heard so far! its from "How I Met Your Mother" (or HIMYM for short). Barney Stinson sang them. Its about Ted (Mosby)'s sister. Everytime Ted receives his family Christmas card, Barney would pop up behind him and sings vulgarish version of the christmas song about Heather, Ted's sister.

I lov this to bits! Enjoy! and owh.. sing along yeeee... hehehe

|Jingle Bells|
Pulling down her pants
Yanking off my own
Underneath the mistletoe
I'll make your sister moan
Oh! Heather's hot, Heather's hot
And we'll go all the way...

|We Wish You a Merry Christmas|
I wish I could see her naked
I wish I could see her naked
I wish I could see her naked
And down on all fours.

|I have a little Dradle|
Ted has a little sister
Gets hotter every day
And if I ever meet her with her boobies I will play!
Everybody! Sister, sister, sister!